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Geographical and P.O.B of the Institute

Before the creation of the Institute of Judiciary Studies (J.S.I.) in 1961, the recruiting of Lebanese judges was by appointment based on the results of a competition open to lawyers, legal assistants and any other function that requires a degree in law. The appointment of successful candidates in the contest was by decree issued upon the proposal of the Minister of Justice after approval of the High Council of Magistracy.
The establishment of J.S.I. occurred in two phases:
The first phase was the creation of the Institute and was established by the Judiciary Act implemented by Decree No. 7855 of October 16, 1961 amended by Decree No. 10,494 of 04/09/1962 and by Decree No. 7238 of 05/08/1967.

The second phase, which corresponds to making improvements in the functioning of the Institute, was established by Decree-Law No. 83-150 of 16/09/1983, which includes in the second section of the third chapter the regulations related to the J.S.I; these regulations has been amended also in 1985.

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