How to become a Judge?
Third Method
Second Method
First Method
How to become a Judge?

The Judiciary Law, issued on September 16, 1983 in accordance with the legislative decree No. 150, allows different methods to recruit judges. According to the aforementioned law, there are three methods to be a member of the judicial body. The first method is to enter and pass the exam competition organized by the Ministry of Justice, while the second method is to directly appoint judges without undergoing the written examination from among the holders of State PhD in Law. Remarkably, in these two cases, it is essential for those who pass the exam or for accepted PhD holders to attend legal courses at the Institute of Judicial Studies as trainee judges after the issuance of the appointment decree. The third method is to appoint judges without going through the training at the Institute of Judicial Studies after passing the exam competition and under certain conditions that will be detailed later.

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