How to become a Judge?
Third Method
Second Method
First Method
How to become a Judge?
Second Method

Second Method: Appointing Holders of State PhD in Law as trainee judges without undertaking the exam competition

Article 68 of the Judiciary law, as amended by Decree Law No. 22/1985 organized this method as follows:

Holders of PhD in law may be appointed as trainee judges without necessarily undergoing a competition by a decree upon the proposal of the Minister of Justice and after the approval of the Higher Judicial Council. In this context, the candidate is subject to one oral interview before the High Judicial Council. He can be either directly accepted as a trainee or he is asked to undergo a written examination with other candidates.


Candidates from among the PhD holders are subject to the same conditions and requirements of the other candidates (Article 61). The last amendment introduced to Article 69 of this law in 1993 exempts judicial assistants with PhD degrees from the age requirement on condition that they have a professional experience of five years and are no more than forty-eight years of age when submitting the application.


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