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judicial preparation

Among the fundamental objectives of the Institute of Judicial Studies is the preparation of trainee judges in its various sections for the management of judicial activities and the best exercise of authentic judicial function, as well as the preparation of non lebanese judges to handle the judicial function in their countries. If necessary, the Board of the Institute organizes special sessions for such judges. The Institute training lasts three years and each year is divided into two sessions, each six months on average (system of six sessions). The academic year lasts from October 15 to 15 July of the following year. It can be extended by a decision of the President of the Institute, provided it does not exceed the date of 15 September of that year. If something happens preventing the commencement of studies to date, the President of the Institute will set a date for the commencement of the courses that will be delivered during the official schedule or outside that zone. The Institute of Judicial Studies comprises three separate sections to be defined below.


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