Development at the Institute
The use of information technology
The revision of the Curriculums
The rehabilitation of the Institute
The building
The library
Development at the Institute
The rehabilitation of the Institute
the third floor
The fourth floor
The fifth floor
The sixth floor
The seventh floor

The new building of the Institute of Judicial Studies will have an auditorium for lectures with a capacity of more than 200 judges who will be able to use the most modern equipments and the best teaching techniques. The building will contain offices for the different administrative personnel of the Institute, in addition to two offices supplied with the most modern equipment for the Institute President and Institute Director.

         The new building will consist of 5 floors beginning from the 3rd to the 7th floors of Rizq building at Al-Achrafieh, while the 1st and 2nd floors are occupied by the Arab Centre for Judicial Legal Researches. The designs made by the engineers for the five floors, which will be occupied by the Judicial Classes Institutes, are as follows.

15.نيس 2011  
مؤتمر حول قانون التجارة  
15.أيل 2010
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