Development at the Institute
The use of information technology
The revision of the Curriculums
The rehabilitation of the Institute
Development at the Institute
The revision of the Curriculums

           The works of development at the Institute will not be limited to rehabilitation works of the building and its annexes, but will include a scientific project to modernize the curriculums adopting new technological and scientific means. The board of the Institute is preparing the new programs for the trainee judges, taking into consideration the practical sides as well as the theoretical sides, in a modern way which identifies the basic problems in each law material. That is to prepare the trainee judges to face all obstacles and difficulties when solving a legal case. The modern curriculums  will include, in addition to the basic materials in law, lectures on other subjects concerning intellectual  property and information technology. The curriculum will introduce the trainee judges to the techniques of solving the non-judicial disputes such as: arbitration and mediation... These legal methods should be well known by judges due to the development of international commerce and the concern for attracting foreign investments. We should not forget that, according to the old curriculum, the three years of studies were divided into 6 semesters, each of 6 months. The first semester was only based on theoretical courses in: real estate law, leasing, civil status, bankruptcy, civil procedures, file study, research program, accounting.

           After the first semester, and for the 5 remaining semesters, the trainee judges will be affiliated with the various judicial offices, by a decision of the Institute President, for 3 or 4 months at each judicial office for each semester. However, the trainee judges keep their contact with the Institute by attending theoretical classes in a number of subjects.

It should be mentioned that the committee drafting the new curriculum is still working on these curriculums which will be applied in the near future at the Institute.

The changes in the curriculum are now clear, where the new materials for the first semester in the Institute have became:

  • - civil law
  • - commercial law
  • - civil procedure
  • - criminal procedure
  • - penal law
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