Ordinary Rules
Exceptional Rules
Third Method

According to these rules, any candidate who passes this competition is directly appointed as a judge. For this reason, the Judiciary Law provides for some additional conditions governed by Article 77.

This article states that a judge may be appointed without entering the Institute of Judicial Studies by undergoing a competition upon the proposal of the Minister of Justice and after the approval of the High Judicial Council according to the conditions provided for in Article 61, except for the age requirement. In addition to the aforementioned requirements, the following are added:

  • - The candidate must be a practicing lawyer for a period of 6 years, including his years as a trainee, or as a judicial assistant with at least 6 years of professional experience after obtaining a law degree.
  • - The candidate must be an employer in the public administration and public institutions that require a law degree and he should have exercised this function for the same period of 6 years after obtaining his license.


The rules  and procedures that applies for the first method; i.e. the competition to appoint trainee judges also applies here, i.e. they are subject to the provisions of Articles 59, 60 and 62 of the Judiciary law on announcing, organizing and studying application forms.

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